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NNN Veneers expanding globally from the heart of Dubai

Established in 2012 in Berlin – Germany, “NNN Veneers” has taken the world of aesthetic dentistry by storm as they have been manufacturing their products with the most biocompatible materials, and gained a lot of popularity for having their natural looking hybrid manufactured veneers professionally designed and painted by their international dental technicians.

Located in the heart of Dubai, and for the first time in the Arab world, “NNN Veneers” invaded the dental market by opening their new headquarters office which will be producing and distributing the latest generation of the minimal-preparation veneers for the region. However, this time it’s done in the least invasive way in which no drilling, no pain, and no anaesthesia is required, and can be completely done in just 2 visits within 30 days utmost.

The high demand of the “NNN Veneers” in the Middle East triggered their expansion into this part of the world, and from being just exclusively available at selected dental clinics, the brand is now going viral by facilitating their access to all the dentists around the world via their smart website concept, which enables any dentists to register, receive his online training and certificate in a matter of 30 minutes.

Yet, although the process is easy, the “NNN Veneers” management were very keen on maintaining the high standards of their product and kept their online registration system monitored by their professionals, in which even the dentists applying online will go through a background check to ensure their capabilities and level of practice before getting certified.

As well to ensure their quality of work, the company stated that their products will never be sold to any dentists that are not registered, trained, and certified by them.

In addition to that, Mr. James Andrickot the Regional Manager of “NNN Veneers” in MENA, recently announced the launch of their media campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of the artificial veneers supplied in the market under branded names which are causing horrendous side effects to the patients.

And to avoid such incident, unlike all other manufacturing companies, “NNN Veneers” is the first company to get in direct contact with the patients to ensure their safety, satisfaction and protect them from getting scammed.

The online system forces their certified dentists to enter full contact information of the patient upon ordering a case for him/her. Thus, once the order is made the patient will receive an email from the management of “NNN Veneers” informing them about the order placed for them, and the name of the dentist that placed the order.

Just like that the patient will immediately know that his veneers are original and they are being delivered from a legitimate source. And to ensure that the dentist is certified, the patients can simply visit www.nnnveneers.com where all the certified dentists around the world are listed, and the patients can also locate the one nearest to their location.

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