NNN VENEERS is the latest improved generation of minimal preparation veneers composed of lithium disilicate glass, and characterized by its most natural appearance achieved by a transparency level reaching up to 49% and an outstanding flexural strength reaching up to 500MPA which can satisfy the patient’s functional and aesthetic needs.

NNN VENEERS are chemically bonded to the tooth structure through a simple procedure that is effortlessly done by the dentists and comfortably delivered to the patient.

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Registration Procedure:

To become a certified NNN VENEERS dentist you must follow the procedure below:

1- Fill the online registration form and submit it. (Link to registration)
2- The NNN VENEERS costumer service team will review your application and send you the approval/rejection letter on your registered email address within 5 working days.
3- Once you’re approved you will receive an email with a link to proceed with your registration payment.
4- After the payment transaction is successfully done, you will be able to log in with your registered email and password to view your training video.
5- As you are done with the training you will officially be a registered NNN VENEERS dentist until your next renewal date, which will be after 1 year from your registration date.
6- Your name and profile will be publically listed on our website as a “Certified Dentist” within 24 hours after your payment is successfully done, and our customer service team will contact you on your registered email address to arrange your certificate delivery.
7- As a certified dentist you will then be able to place veneer orders as explained in the training video.
8- You can also visit our online shop to purchase our specially made “NNN VENEERS” branded products and extra copies of your certificate.
(Link to registration)

(Link to Registration)

Your NNN VENEERS Training

The NNN VENEERS training will be given online upon the dentist’s registration by Prof. Stefan Schermer; our official certified trainer based in Berlin, Germany.

Prof. Schermer will give you a detailed introduction to the world of NNN VENEERS in a 15 minutes videos which will walk you through every step from welcoming to patient, sending your impressions to our lab, veneers fixing procedure, up until finally maintaining the needed records of your patient.

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Benefits & Rankings:

NNN VENEERS will grant their certified dentists multiple benefits and offers upon their registration. Once the dentist is approved:

  • Dentist’s name, clinic name, ranking and contact information will all be listed on the NNN VENEERS website which will gain him a great exposure to all the visitors of our website including millions of patients from around the world with the ability to get in direct contact with all of our listed dentists.
  • Only the certified and registered dentists will be able to order NNN VENEERS products.
  • Every patient that’s getting an NNN VENEERS treatment will receive an email and a text message from our company which will inform him about the job order and the name certified dentist which placed his order, and all of our patients are aware of this information, which will make it easy to expose any Non-Certified dentists claiming to use the NNN VENEERS products.

Once you are registered with NNN VENEERS your personal ranking system will be activated which will provide you with multiple benefits and offers as your rank escalate as explained in the table below:

All dentists will begin as “General Dentists” having the benefits below:

General Dentist:
– Quantity of units purchased: 0-40 units
– Manufacturing duration: 30 days
– Price per unit: Standard unit price.

Bronze Dentist:
– Quantity of units purchased: 41-90 units
– Manufacturing duration: 25 days
– Price per unit: 5% discount from standard unit price.
Silver Dentist:
– Quantity of units purchased: 91-170 units
– Manufacturing duration: 21 days
– Price per unit: 10% discount from standard unit price.
Gold Dentist:
– Quantity of units purchased: 171-290 units
– Manufacturing duration: 18 days
– Price per unit: 15% discount from standard unit price.
Platinum Dentist:
– Quantity of units purchased: 291-500 units
– Manufacturing duration: 15 days
– Price per unit: 20% discount from standard unit price.
Diamond Dentist:
– Quantity of units purchased: 501+ units
– Manufacturing duration: 10 days
– Price per unit: 25% discount from standard unit price.


– Any dentist within any rank will be able to activate the “Priority Charge” option which will provide him with the “Diamond Manufacturing Duration” (10 days) for urgent cases if needed. *Extra charge applies*

– Your ranking will be maintained for 1 year from the date of achieving it.

– To maintain your ranking, during that year you must order at least half the number of units required for that rank, or else you will be downgraded to a lower rank.

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How to send a job order:

All the below will be explained in details in our training video which you will get upon registering. However, this is a brief explanation about how we receive and deliver our products:

– After registering and getting approved, you will be eligible to order from NNN VENEERS.

– As NNN VENEERS are minimal prep. veneers the procedure will require only 2 visits for your patient; the first visit is for the impressions and the second one is to insert and fix the veneers.

– Once you have an upper and a lower impression with a bite registration all taken for your patient and placed in our shipping box, you will then follow the steps below:
(All the steps below will be clearly shown and explained in our training video)

  1. Login to your account using your registered email address and password to create your job order and patient profile.
  2. After confirming the job order details, you will have four papers to print out and place them as follows:
    a) Job order: To be placed inside the shipping box.
    b) Checklist: To be filled and ticked by the dentist and the nurse, and placed inside the shipping box.
    c) Shipping invoice: To be placed sealed on the outside of the shipping box.
    d) Shipping details: To be given by hand to the delivery man of your courier company upon pickup.
  3. Call your desired courier company to pick up the shipment.
  4. Wait for your job order status to be changed from the system, if there are any errors, our customer service team will get in touch with you, otherwise wait for the manufacturing time period as per your rank.

(Link to registration)

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